For the Security Threat Levels of Prisoners, see Prisoner.

The security room is one of the places where security guards hang out if not assigned to locations or patrols. It is required for CCTV monitors and door controls.


An example of a Security room (Old)


Another example of a Security room

As of alpha 23 each CCTV Monitor now requires 1 guard to operate. However each monitor can operate up to 8 cameras efficiently. (more can be attached, but the guard will rotate viewing the cameras, so the more overloaded a monitor becomes, the less often any particular camera will be under view)

Each door controller requires 1 guard. Any number of doors may be connected to one controller, however a guard can only activate 1 door every 2 seconds. So if many doors require opening at the same time in a busy prison it will be more efficient to increase the number of door controls and spread out which doors are attached among them.

Guards will auto station themselves at monitors and door controls if they are not already assigned to a post or a patrol.

When you choose to summon your Confidential Informants they will only come to your security room.

In Alpha 35, and if gangs are enabled in your prison, the security room is territory that is automatically guard controlled. Any guards inside the security room will project their power onto neighbouring, unclaimed territory (connected to the security room by a door).


Tips and TricksEdit

  • If the room is dedicated to CCTV Monitors, they must be placed so that a guard can stand in the front middle square for the CCTV Monitor to function. Sides of the monitors may overlap. But each monitor requires 1 guard and 1 space directly in front of it.
  • The room does not need to be completely enclosed by itself and it is useful to place a staff room next to security room so that guards can get back to work quickly after resting.
  • If the room is used for door controls; then it should be placed away from prisoner areas and secured from breach during riots. Prisoners will attempt to take control of prison door controls in the room if there is a riot.
  • Prisoners will try to damage your CCTV monitors if given the chance, Although it is not required, it is a good idea to place CCTV monitors in a Security room because they will be well guarded by the guards.
  • Your prisoners SHOULD NEVER be able to go into this room, not even for cleaning. It's better to mark it as a Staff Only area. Your CI will still be able to come in. Search them before leaving the room!


Contraband Edit

The Security Room is a source for:

  • Baton (Weapons)
  • Cigs (pack of cigarettes) (Narcotics, Luxuries, Smelly)
  • Jail Keys (Metal)
  • Lighter (Luxuries)