The Shower is a room for prisoners to satisfy their hygienic needs. Showers produce water which can be prevented from leaving the shower room via drains. This is one of the most basic rooms in the game and is a basic requirement for functional prisons.

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Water from the Shower Head can damage all objects, except for Shower Heads, Drains, Toilets, Sprinklers, and Lights. For example: if there is a metal detector inside a shower room, and when prisoners take a shower, water will reach the metal detector, it will explode and kill surrounding Guards, Prisoners and even Emergency Services.

Showers will work with only cold water but your prisoners will not like it. Add a warm-water pipe from a boiler to the shower heads for hot showers. Remember you need to install hot and cold pipes to a shower only hot will not work.




  • A drain does not need to be placed under each shower head (as in the picture shown above) but only to stop the water flowing, such as out of a doorway. If you build an outdoor shower away from other building you may not need drains.
  • Shower heads don't need to be attached to a wall to work. This is useful if you are planning on making outdoor showers or on a tight budget.
  • A cheap shower area can be created outdoors, therefore not requiring a foundation to be built, using fences with drains at gaps.
    Outdoor shower

    Cheap outdoor shower using fences

  • You need at least one hour of "Shower" time in the Regime, even though prisoners will shower at other times, to ensure the Hygiene need is satisfied.
  • You can convert the halls in cell blocks to showers by adding drains in each prison doorway, as well as the main doorways. Showerheads should go at least one tile away from a doorway.
  • Shower heads can be installed in prisoner's cells which they will use during freetime or lockup, allowing you to build a prison without the problems of larger shower blocks. It's an excellent strategy to employ when dealing with maximum security, supermax, or another other 'troublesome' inmates that you might not want clustered up together in a single room/.
  • To prevent leakages through doorways place a drain on the same tile as the door. 
  • Doors aren't required in showers. This allows easy entering and exiting.
  • Communal showers are one of the most common places to see fights. It's a good idea to deploy a guard there.