Snipers are fast firing, insta-killing, The staff of the prison in charge of keeping the most troublesome prisoners in line. They require an Armoury and are far better equipped to prevent escapes compared to regular guards. Deadly marksmen with sunglasses, cowboy hats, and open vests, they are responsible for denying prisoners their escape in the last few feet to freedom.

Marksmen were introduced in Update 3 as a means to make your prison more secure. Marksmen are equipped with a rifle and stationed in Guard Towers.

Snipers waiting in armoury

Snipers waiting for jobs in the armoury.

They will shoot warning shots before shooting directly at prisoners making trouble. No warnings are given to prisoners in insecure areas or prisoners who are escaping, rioting, fighting, spoiling, or destroying.

A warning shot will not be fired if Free Fire is enabled. They will shoot on sight.


  • In Update 2, the tooltip for Freefire was updated to hint about snipers coming soon.
  • Snipers have been available in the game's code some time and it was previously possible to spawn them using mods.

Tips & TricksEdit

  • Snipers add the "Suppressed" status effect to prisoners in 30 tile radius (the tile of himself not included.) As such, they are useful for calming down unrest before a larger riot or escape begins. But the influence cannot reach indoors.
  • However, Snipers also increase the overall danger level of the prison. (Note: in v2.0 this seems to have been removed.)
  • Snipers are useless for the day to day tasks that normal guards must perform: moving prisoners, opening doors, monitoring cameras, etc.
  • Snipers will drop rifles if they are killed. These are extremely dangerous, do not let your prisoners get a hold of them!
  • A mass prison escape may not be handle-able by a few Snipers. Given the slow firing rate of their rifles, a horde of prisoners running for the open or shooting at the Snipers can overwhelm them.

    Freefire button.

    Pressing the red "Freefire" button in the bottom right corner allows ALL Snipers and Armed Guards to shoot on sight.
  • Snipers will usually shoot 2-3 warning shots before aiming at the prisoner.
  • You can select a sniper (left click) and then right-click a location to order them to run there.
  • Having a few more snipers than the Guard Tower amount in your prison is good for max tower watch.
  • Snipers not in towers shoot much faster, and a single sniper can easily incapacitate a team of people, making them even more effective than armed guards. The downside is that, since you cannot assign them to patrol, they can only "guard" the armoury.
  • Rest only in armoury so you don't need staff room for them.