Staff Listing

The Staff tab contains a list of all the Staff currently employed in your prison. Hovering over a specific staff member's name on the list will cause your screen to follow the employee around the prison; clicking a list entry will allow you to fire the employee. This tab is found under Reports. As of update 11, staff have the same needs as prisoners e.g food, comfort etc.


All of the staff in Prison Architect can be grouped in four main categories.


Image Name Description
Warden The grand overseer of your prison. Required before you can research and hire advanced staff members.
Accountant An advanced staff member that gives access to your financial report.
Chief An advanced staff member that gives access to the deployment, CCTV, and riot guards research items.
Psychologist An advanced staff member that allows you to gain an insight in to the minds of your prisoners.
Foreman An advanced staff member that allows you to gain access to the Janitors and Gardeners.
Lawyer An advanced staff member that helps you bend some of the rules for greater control over your prison.


Image Name Description
Guards Used to keep your prisoners in check and out of trouble.
Armed Guard
Armed Guards Armed with a shotgun, prisoners will think twice before attacking this fellow.
Note: Each Armed Guard requires his own locker in the Armoury.
Riot Guard
Riot Guards A powerful external unit used to stop out-of-control riots.
Note: Can only be used via the Emergencies tab.
Dog handler icon
Dog Handler A guard with a dog that can detect Contraband and escape tunnels.
Note: You need one Dog Crate per dog in the kennel.
National Guard A extremely powerful external unit to stop unstoppable riots.

Note: Only comes when Riot Guards can't handle the Riot.


Image Name Description
Workman Will build your prison for you, based on the plans you provide them.
Janitors Keeps the inside of your prison nice and tidy. They're also used to help with the prison laundry.
Gardeners Keeps your prison grounds nice and tidy. They're also used for foresting.


Image Name Description
Cooks Feeds your prisoners with the meals they prepare.
Doctors Automatically heals all nearby injured people, whether they are guards or prisoners.

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