As of update 11, staff can now also have needs which are similar to prisoner needs. You can turn this on when creating a new prison or later in-game in the menu under the 'Extras' tab in 'Settings'. Currently, all security-related employees, such as Guards, Armed Guards, Dog Handlers and Snipers have staff needs.

List of Staff Needs Edit

  • Bladder - staff will only use toilets in designated zones or staff rooms.
  • Bowels - staff will only use toilets in designated zones or staff rooms.
  • Food - you can either add a serving table to staff room or create new canteen for them designated as Staff Only. Staff meals are more expensive than prisoner ones and will be automatically delivered to your prison every day.
  • Safety - even your guards want to feel safe. You can help them by equipping them with Tazers or Body Armour or by increasing the number of Guards.
  • Recreation - staff now also gets bored so they will use any entertainment equipment which is in staff room - for example, pool tables, TVs or radios
  • Comfort - some comfortable seat should solve this - put some sofas to staff room
  • Environment - this need is completely same as a prisoner's, so it's based on the cleanliness of your prison.  Attend this need by adding (more) Janitors to your prison or by getting prisoners to clean via work.
  • Rest - this need replaced the original 'tiredness' system, however, now you decide how much free time they will get. If you want a calm and nice prison, be sure to give your staff enough down time.

Results of unsatisfied needs: Edit

If you don't satisfy the needs of your staff, they will become angry and this will reflect in their performance - they will start to perform their jobs badly:

  • Sauntering around slowly when doing jobs.
  • Less effective when searching for contraband.
  • Less likely to actively look for trouble, more likely to turn a blind eye.
  • Unwilling to suppress wrong-doing prisoners.

In extreme cases, staff can be bribed and may overlook some contraband found on a prisoner.