The Staff Room is where Staff go when they get tired. A small green bar will appear when the staff member is feeling tired and will slowly get shorter and will eventually make the staff member either go to the Staff Room to rest or if there isn't one they will stop where they are and rest. Staff who go to the Staff Room to rest will recover their energy much faster than staff members who don't. When Staff Needs is on they will go to the staff Room during their Break Time (update 11). Also when Staff Needs is active they will attempt to satisfy other needs while in the Staff Room.

(Note: you need additional objects to satisfy Staff Needs)

Note: This happens to every staff member except Dogs who rest in a Kennel, as well as armed guards who rest in the armoury.

You cannot make staff rest, they go there themselves when tired.

Administrative staff will get tired as well. They will leave their office and head to the Staff Room if there is one.

The Staff Room was released in Alpha 15 The Staff needs was added in update 11 and is optional when creating a new prison

Requirements Edit

Optional objectsEdit

(will only have effects if Staff Needs is on)

Contraband Sources Edit

The Staff Room is a source for:

  • Cigarettes (Narcotics, Luxuries, Smelly)
  • Lighter (Luxuries, Tools)
  • Mobile Phone (Luxuries)

Tips and tricks Edit

  • Do not waste money, or space, on additional items for this room. Additional items do not make staff recover more quickly. (as of update 11 any additional WILL speedup the recovery of Staff and satisfy other staff needs if the Staff Needs option is active)
  • Build multiple Staff Rooms around the prison to minimise the distance staff have to travel in order to reach a room; there is no limit on the number of staff rooms you can create.
  • Place remote door controllers, phone taps, and other security items in a staff room. These items do not have to be placed in aty office and, when the guards become tired, they do not have any distance to travel to a Staff Room to recover.
  • If possible, make the staff going to a Staff Room walk through an Infirmary . That way injured guards (or other staff members) can be healed.