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These Prisoners wear Dark Red Jumpsuits. This is a security class that is not set automatically and has to be assigned manually by the player. SuperMax is assigned to the most dangerous of prisoners that cannot be allowed in the general population, because of their highly dangerous traits. It is not uncommon for SuperMax prisoners to be locked up nearly the whole day and only be let out for 1 hour of yard time and a few moments of eating during the day. The player could also decide to keep the prisoners on permanent lockdown with armed guards nearby to ensure that they won't cause trouble outside their cells. Gang Members, Volatile, Deadly, Extremely Deadly, Extremely Volatile, and Legendary are recommended here.

Tips Edit

  • SuperMax should be used for prisoners that can cause a lot of casualties or you want to punish hard. It is a good idea to assign a prisoner with both the volatile and deadly (or their extreme version) traits to SuperMax, as they can kick off for no reason and cause a lot of casualties when guards try to subdue them.
  • You don't want SuperMax prisoners in the general population. Therefore it is a good idea to make sure that their cell blocks are locked behind multiple layers of strong (remote or solitary) doors and they cannot mix by altering their regime. It is even better to create a complete SuperMax wing or building, so they won't and don't have to mix with the other prisoners.
  • Use of remote doors is a good idea. They are as strong as solitary doors and cannot be opened using keys. If a prisoner manages to steal a guard's keys, he can still be delayed or stopped from breaking out the SuperMax block.
  • Armed guards are very useful inside the SuperMax blocks as they can cause suppression if a prisoner is not fearless or can shoot prisoners that are misbehaving. Make sure however that they are not directly next to the cells and free fire is on as the armed guard is often instantly killed before he fears for his life and will therefore not use his gun. Also, if the prisoner has the 'Skilled Fighter' trait they can easily disarm the armed guards, and steal their gun. In the case, a prisoner that has the traits 'Deadly' and 'Strong' breaks out and kills an armed guard they will also steal the shotgun previously held by the armed guard causing you to have a dangerous and armed prisoner.