Contraband tazer

Tasers are weapons, used by Guards and Armed Guards, which can be unlocked through the bureaucracy system, by the Chief.

Every Taser costs $400, and initially only Armed Guards will be able to use them when Tasers are unlocked. After unlocking Taser Rollout, regular Guards will be able to use them too. To get them, a guard must visit the Armoury to equip it. After a Taser is used, the guards must wait almost a game hour, before it can be used it again.

Tasers are very efficient to stop up to a few prisoners in a small riot, or in an escape, but has too slow of a rate-of-fire to be effective in a large riot (note small riots of a 10-20 prisoners are an exception). They will immobilize your prisoners for a pretty long time (about half an hour to an hour in-game).

Guards require a certification for a taser which is selected through the programs system. Passing may seem guaranteed as long as a guard attends the class, but there will be a few Guards who fail the class.

A taser that is fired by a guard or a prisoner has a 60% accuracy rate, and a 70% accuracy rate for Armed Guards.

Trivia Edit

  • Prisoners with the "Tough" attribute will less likely be rendered unconscious by a taser shot.

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