Contraband tazer

Tasers are weapons Armed Guards, which can be unlocked through the bureaucracy system by the Chief.

To begin with, only Armed Guards will have Tasers. Tasers can also be used by normal guards by purchasing the 'Taser Rollout' within the Bureaucracy system. Once bought, each guard must then pass the Guard Taser Certification program. Once a guard has passed this program they will be able to use Tasers, although for each guard that passes the program you will be charged £400 (the cost of the taser). Guards must then visit the Armoury and pick up their taser. 

Tasers are very efficient to stop up to a few prisoners in a small riot, or in an escape, but has too slow of a rate-of-fire to be effective in a large riot (note small riots of 10-20 prisoners are an exception). They will immobilize your prisoners for a pretty long time (about half an hour to an hour in-game)

Good to know Edit

  • Prisoners with the "Tough" attribute will less likely be rendered unconscious by a taser shot.
  • After a Taser is used, the guard must wait almost a game hour, before it can be used again.
  • A taser that is fired by a guard or a prisoner has a 60% accuracy rate and a 70% accuracy rate for Armed Guards.