Prison Architect Update 12

Prison Architect Update 12

This update is on the steam branch 'beta', meaning it will not automatically download. You must manually switch to that branch to see this new version. - Right click on Prison Architect in your games list - Click 'Properties' - Click 'Betas' - Select 'beta' from the list. (Restart steam if it doesn't show up) - The update will then download.

= Staff Needs (continued)

- New staff break behaviour - Staff will now take a break when they feel they need to, providing there are enough guards idling - No more than 10% of your staff will take a break at any time - Staff will stay on their break until their needs are taken care of, but will give up eventually if nothing is available

- Fixes to staff needs provisions: - Staff Rooms and Staff Canteens are now assigned a nearby kitchen in the Food Logistics view, just like any normal Canteen. - Cooks from that chosen kitchen will handle stacking and cleaning food trays. - The assigned kitchen can be overridden manually as normal. - More food trays and staff meals will be ordered automatically when you have staff needs enabled - Stopped cooks from stacking dirty food trays with stacks that were miles away in a different canteen - Fixed tons of issues with staff not using providers when on their breaks - Fixed serious issues with food trays not been cleaned and replaced when in staff canteens.

- The staff tooltip widget in the top bar now shows ALL guard types, including dog handlers, snipers and armed guards.

- Staff Morale - Affected by happy staff versus unhappy staff, - Affected by long term staff deaths - Affected by currently injured - Affected by salary.

- Staff wages - Upkeep now specified in materials.txt - Pay rises possible from Policy screen.

- Staff will go on strike if morale falls to 0%, and demand a large pay rise to return to work.

- Cooks/Gardeners/Janitors now have needs.

- Tunnel searching You can now issue the command 'search for tunnels from any cell toilet. This will search all toilets in the block for escape tunnels.

= Steam Cloud saves - You can now use the cross-platform Steam Cloud to store your prison and campaign save games. - Simply toggle the checkbox on the save screen in order to enable/disable this feature. - The save window will show which save games are on the cloud with a handy icon. - Save games made when Steam Cloud is disabled will be saved on your local machine only.

- 3D Mode improved.

- The following will be suspended during riots, or during staff strikes: - Delivery of daily supplies - Garbage collection - Exports collection - Prisoner intake - Collection of dead bodies.

= Weather (continued) - New weather icon in top toolbar.

- 'Overcast' visual effect now only applies to outdoors (which will look greyed out) - 'Heatwave' visual effect only applies to outdoors (which will look very bright) - Rebalanced all weather probabilities, making 'clear skies' more common, rain/overcast/snow less common - Weather now has a chance to change every 12 hours. (previously 24 hours)

= BUG FIXES - Fixed : Riot Guards refused to fight when in prisoner controlled sectors - Fixed : Emergency staff sometimes "fell" out of their vehicle long before it arrived at the Deliveries zone - Fixed : All new prisoners are not assigned parole times properly. This remains the case until save/reload. - Fixed : Added pages to CI menu to prevent it running off the screen

= MORE BUG FIXES 0011379: [Save & Load] Prisoner Needs Table in savegame are stored twice (lim_ak) 0011173: [Control & User Interface] Japanese Text not wrapping (lim_ak) 0011346: [AI & Behaviour] Staff Canteen starved of trays (Chris) 0011393: [AI & Behaviour] Riot police got stuck in riot zone (Chris) 0011402: [AI & Behaviour] Staff not eating meals, staff canteens not used (Chris) 0011369: [AI & Behaviour] Security won't eat (Chris) 0010925: [AI & Behaviour] Riot guards refuse to move (Chris) 0011371: [AI & Behaviour] Armed Guards don't move (Chris) 0011394: [AI & Behaviour] Staff Meals improperly distributed (Chris) 0011364: [AI & Behaviour] Riot guards instantly leave Riot van when they arrive (Chris)

Change log taken directly from steam.