Performance optimisations

We focussed on performance this month, and achieved a speed boost of at least 50%.  This work is ongoing. 

- Now defaulting to the VS2015 build, with the old VS2008 build still  available for Safe mode (Prison Architect Safe Mode.exe). This gives  a good speed improvement over the VS2008 version. 

- Asynchronous job search system. Instead of synchronously looking for a job,  workers, guards, prisoners, doctors now place a request for a new job in a  queue. This queue is processed during render phase of the game loop so  shouldn't take up any time during the main game loop. 

- Speed up rendering of the Feed Prisoners Objective. This was particularly  slow when their were a lot of hungry prisoners. 

- Rebuild the indoor/outdoor shadow mask only when a cell changes its material  or indoor/outdoor status. 

Thermodynamics (continued)

- New pipe type in the utilities view: Hot water pipes  These operate on a seperate layer to the existing pipes, and can be overlaid without conflict. 

- New utility: Hot water boiler  Requires a large pipe connection of cold water, and a direct electrical connection  You can run hot water pipes from this boiler in any direction.  Nb. Water will lose heat the further it gets from the boiler. 

- All radiators now require a hot water connection to function 

- Showers can take cold water or hot water.  When supplied with hot water, showers will also reduce a prisoner's Warmth need  When supplied only with cold water will apply a Frigid effect, which acts as a kind of short-term surpression  while also spiking their Warmth and comfort needs. 

3D mode has been discovered

This update we have improved 3d mode with new shapes, new shaders operating on all objects, and better wall geometry.  3d mode remains very experimental. 

Known bug: The mouse position is wrong when using graphics/Supersampling.  Known bug: Long pauses caused by geometry changing, eg wall construction/demolition 


- Thermodynamic map to use 16 bit number type to represent the temperature  instead of 8 bit. This fixes a bug with fire showing negative temperatures. 

- 0010610: [Graphics] entire screen is black and white boxes

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