• Chuggalo

    Sorry for the inactivity...

    February 10, 2015 by Chuggalo

    Sorry about the inactivity recently, I have just started a new job and haven't found much time to get on and check the wiki out in my spare time. Thing's have been starting to slow down recently and work is now running smoothly and isn't a hectic new job, so I should be on more frequently to at least check on the wiki, reply to post and questions, and to remove spam and destruction of pages. As for updating pages with recent and better information, most likely not unless it's something I really know about. Thanks for understanding :)

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  • Chuggalo

    The above is policies I have already added.
    I am asking the community to come together and decide upon other policies and guidelines that should be implemented.

    All you need to do is post your opinions here about the guidelines or policies you want with a short description explaining it.

    for example:

    • Practice open-mindedness and assume good faith. Since the is open for anyone to contribute to, users of all skill levels and opinions are welcome to participate. We assume that most people who work on a wiki are trying to improve it, not hurt it. If this wasn't true, a wiki project would be doomed from the beginning. If you think there is a problem, it's best to ask the user involved about the issue first, then take additional steps if needed.


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  • Chuggalo

    I have made an adoption request for this wiki because of the inactivity of the admins. I have tried to be steadily be on everyday to at least check on the wiki pages that have been edited and any reply to any post in the talk sections that I know the answer to or may know any info that may be of some help.

    Currently, I am one of the very few steadily active contributors to this wiki. I would like to be able to clean it up and organize it nicely. Although, the last admin edit wasn't to long ago I believe that an admin should be on at least 1 week just to check on the wiki to make sure things are going correctly and it's not a mess. The wiki seems to be going good but I am unable to delete unnecessary pages and pictures or the main page and t…

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