• Sgt frankieboy

    I've recently updated all the pages so they will contain links to versions of the wiki in another language. Currently the languages are Russian, French and German.

    If you want to translate the wiki to your own language you can create a new wiki with the url: [languageCode] for example: To keep the url similar to the this wiki.

    If you've made a new wiki in your own language you can inform me and I will setup Interlanguage links so the pages can be linked from the main wiki to yours. If you want to do the same you can make a similar request here and you will be able to Link from your wiki to this wiki. You can also make multiple requests so you can also link up with other languages of the wi…

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  • Sgt frankieboy

    The Wiki

    February 13, 2013 by Sgt frankieboy

    I would like to thank everybody for helping us out with the Wiki. It's growing in content every day!

    As you may have noticed I've changed the background to be more static. If you have a better one (or want the old one back) you can reply and I will change it accordingly (max filesize is 150kb).

    I was thinking on making Infoboxes for objects, materials and utilities. They will obviously contain the objects title, image and costs. But I'm wondering if we should include fields for "Required In" and "Recommended In".

    If any of you have suggestions on things to implement on the Wiki please say so. I will look into it and possibly implement it.

    ~sgt frankieboy

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