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Prisoners can meet with their families and lawyers here during the visiting hours. As soon as a prisoner sits down onto a Visitor Table, his family need is completely fulfilled instantly.

Prisoners should only visit with families during free time, although they will sometimes not obey this.

Family members arrive each morning and enter through whichever gate is closest to the top of the map. Prisoners will escape through if you create an easy path for families, so make sure they enter/exit through a secure entrance.

History Edit

  • Visitation was introduced in Alpha 9.
  • In Alpha 12 Visitation was made a location for directly smuggling contraband in.
  • In Alpha 23 Visitation and Phone Booths are ways prisoners can arrange for having contraband thrown over the wall.
  • In Update 3, Visitation Booths were added to stop contraband from getting in to a prison.


Tips and tricks Edit

  • Many prisoners will smuggle contraband in here - sometimes upwards of 50% of visits will smuggle contraband, so it is recommended to use visitation booths even though it only has 1 seat for a person.
  • In rare cases it is possible for a prisoner to be upset by the visitation and kill their family, so have guards nearby.
  • It is advised to put a metal detector and a sniffer dog at the entrance of the room to catch certain type of contraband and weapons smuggled by the family.

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