There are many menu items in the primary menu at the bottom of the game as follows:


This menu item contains the foundations required to build your prison. It also contains the ability to destroy foundations you no longer require.


There are multiple flooring and wall materials within the game and they are located within this menu. This menu contains the ability to demolish walls and remove tunnels.


A prison requires a large variety of purpose built rooms such as cells, offices and kitchens, these rooms can be found within this menu. It also contains the ability to remove and change the room setting.

Some rooms must be unlocked via Bureaucracy, such as Classrooms and Armourys.


Within and around the prison, objects such as furniture and fittings that may be placed. This menu contains those objects and has the ability to place, dismantle then store and sell objects.

Some objects must be unlocked via Bureaucracy, such as Weapon Rack and CCTV.


This menu contains the staff that will run the prison ex. the Warden, Foreman, Chefs, and Guards. You can hire staff from this menu, however to fire a staff member you need to do so via the Staff Report.

Some staff must be unlocked via Bureaucracy, such as the Foreman and the Psychologist.


Utilities are required to create a functioning prison. This menu item contains utility items such as Power Stations and Electrical Cables to provide the prison with power and Water Pump Stations, valves and pipes to supply the water. It also contains the functionality to dismantle utilities.


The Bureaucracy menu can be unlocked by hiring a Prison Warden from the Staff menu and contains research for staff members, rooms, objects and other functions within the prison, such as


The Deployment menu can be unlocked by hiring a Chief and then researching Deployment within the Bureaucracy menu. It contains functions such as guard routes and security level designations.

There are multiple items within this menu that require additional research via Bureaucracy.


The Contraband menu can be unlocked by researching "Contraband" via the Bureaucracy tab. It shows all of the locations where contraband can be stolen from and contraband confiscated by Guards. It will also show the owner of that item of contraband and how long ago it was found. Sometimes the owner of the contraband will be unknown.You can also help remove it by doing a shakedown.


The Emergency menu contains all of the emergency services that can be called in if disaster strikes (Including the Riot Police, Paramedics, and the Fire Department). Each service costs $100 to be dispatched, and shows up in a little window under the clock. You can select the unit by clicking on the tab to move it around and can click the "x" on the window to order them to leave.

Riot police presence at the jail will raise the danger level.

Paramedics will heal the injured, no matter it is a police or prisoner.

Fire fighters will automatically put out nearby fires.

Quick BuildEdit

Quick build has replaced Clone since Update 4


Planning allows you to work out the dimensions of your prison and where objects and pathways will go. This is very useful to prevent spending money on materials and objects in the wrong place.


Grading shows you how well you are doing in rehabilitating your prisoners. After a minimum of 10 prisoners have been released, the global prison grading becoms available at the top of the screen. The individual grades are Punishment, Reform, Security and Health and can be viewed for individual prisoners by clicking on them and opening their Grading tab.